Week Four Discussion 1Look At Your FishIn the essay, “Look at Your Fish,” Samuel Hubbard Scudder discusses what he learned through looking closely at things. You haven’t spent your time looking at fish, but rather political ads. Take a minute to do as Hubbard Scudder has and reflect on what you have learned from your writing process and from the process of analysis.Consider the following questions: How do you see political advertisements differently now? What was your “haemulon”? How did you see more in the ad the more you looked at it? What are some things you discovered or understood only after looking a long time? Have you started looking at other things more analytically?  Schudder had to draw his fish over and over; we had to write and revise an essay. Did writing the essay help you see and understand the ad better? Do you feel like you understand better why analysis and synthesis are important and useful thinking skills?”Look at your Fish” (300 words min.) due Wednesday, 11:59 PM (your time zone). 10 points (graded completion).