ThreadsPostsLast PostWeek 4 Discussion Boar Discuss with your colleagues how a health care organizations can promote a culture of compliance and responsibility? Through your research, identify a specific organizational structure or program that could serve as a “best practice” for other health organizations.  What specific health care organization currently uses the program or structure you picked? Describe the program in a paragraph. Is it a training program? A handbook? An immunization program? A patient care involvement program? A financial management practice? Penalties for fraud detection and reporting in the organization? Policy development? Procedure (SOP) creation? Benchmarks? External QA/QC consultants? Is this “best practice” specific to just this setting? Peer comments should compare and contrast their findings with others presented. See Discussion Expectations and Grading for rules on discussions.Assigned reading materials: It is important that managers understand the responsibilities of operating within the tax-exempt structure- Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Compliance: A Resource for Health Care Boards of Directors (n.d)]- Facts about The Joint Commission’s Hospital Accreditation – Benefits of The Joint Commission Accreditations –   Joint Commission: Conflict of Interest –