this assignment, you will participate in a discussion on the everyday usage of databases. Along with your fellow students, you will explore situations in which databases are utilized and understand how those situations would be different if databases were not used. This exercise will help you understand how important databases have become.Tasks:Using the Argosy University online library resources, your course textbook, and the Internet, conduct research on the use of databases in everyday, real-life situations. Based on your research, respond to the following: List and explain at least two real-life situations where you know that a database or databases are being used. How different would the situations be without databases? List and explain the components of the databases that you have seen in use. Speculate on the type of database system that is being used in the establishments where you have seen the databases. Present reasons to support your answer. Suggest areas that currently do not use databases but can benefit from their use. What forms the basis of this suggestion? How do you think the implementation of databases will affect the current scenario in these areas