This assignment asks you to observe an educational program for adults then interview the instructor. You will write a paper connecting insights gained from your observation and interview with the elements of the course (course readings/activities, etc). Arrange to observe an instructional session in an educational institution or agency, a corporate training department or a community agency with an educational program component. The program may NOT be a post-secondary program using academic credit for a degree (although continuing education is fine).  Select a practice area that is of interest to you, ask permission to observe the person teaching, and arrange for a time that is mutually satisfactory.  Make observations for at least 30-45 minutes and arrange a time to interview the teacher about his or her teaching. Then write up what you observed the teacher and learners doing during that time, and how the teacher thinks about his or her teaching. This paper is not to exceed five double-spaced pages, and is worth 10 points.