The questions are based on the readings and lectures this semester. Please use the sources in the classroom to help you answer the questions. Be sure to cite sources and avoid encyclopedias and Wikipedia.Each essay is to be 300-450 words in length. Answer all 5.1.  Discuss the differences and similarities of two revolutions we discussed this term. (French Revolution, Haitian Revolution, American Revolution, Mexican Revolution)2.  The three Islamic Empires we touched upon this semester were the Mughal, Safavid and Ottoman Empires. Name one similarity, other than religion, these empires share, please explain.3.  Give two examples of the impact of the Depression. Discuss what efforts were made to help those that suffered from it.4.  In Week 8, you read about Cultural Imperatives, Empires Past, Present and Future. What is Lewis’ assessment on the areas he discusses?5.  What was the Cold War? Who were the players? What effect did it have on history?Outside research must be academic and formatted in Chicago Format.