Resources should be summarized or paraphrased with appropriate in-text and Resource page citations. Group ProjectGroup Project: presented with a problem involving multiple agencies, each student assumes an agency role and a project role to identify a collaborative, optimal solution. Individually, each student will present an agency description, the agency’s perspective and role, and research the available resources. Students will then form groups, and each group will present a collaborative, optimal solution. In the last week of class, each group will present the consequences for not finding or not fully implementing the solution. Throughout this project each student is to assume the character (role play) of the leader of their assigned component agency when dealing with their counterparts from other agencies within their jurisdiction.My Role is The Security Chief of the state correctional facility – Major Allen Irongates  Phase1 “ Agency Description The student will be assigned one of the following criminal justice components to represent and for which to serve as advocate:Institution-Based CorrectionsThe student will submit a 3 page paper describing the function and purpose of the designated criminal justice component and how it interrelates to other components.