Reading One:This is the State of Georgia’s section of their website that focuses on Frameworks.  Everyone needs to go to their section and become very familiar with the standards. Two:Click on this link, find your subject, and then read through the provided materials for your area.  These are the State of Georgia’s given resources, and you will be accountable for delivering these standards as a part of your instruction. MY SUBJECT IS Elementary SCIENCE and MediaPowerpoint One:Examine the attached powerpoint below for curriculum mapping information and how to do it.Powerpoint Two:Examine the attached powerpoint below for information on using Benchmark Exams to assess student growth.Attachments· Curriculum_Mapping.ppt· Benchmark_Assessments.pptxAssignmentCulminating AssignmentAssignment:Write a 2 ½ page essay, explaining how frameworks, benchmarks, and curriculum maps help you organize the standards and assess student achievement. In addition, explain how you currently use or plan to use frameworks, benchmarks, and curriculum maps in your classroom.Include examples of documents you talk about (at least one Framework, Benchmark, or Curriculum Map).