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QuestionAnswered step-by-stepQuestion 1 (1 point) Rituals are bodily performances that…Question 1 (1 point) Rituals are bodily performances that ________________________ some actions from other actions.Question 1 options:A.DifferentiateB.CombineC.SynchronizeD.All of the aboveQuestion 2 (1 point) The modern human society no longer does many rituals because they no longer need to.Question 2 options: True/False Question 3 (1 point) Broadly speaking, modern and traditional societies differ on rituals in this way: Question 3 options:A.Traditional societies have fewer rituals than modern societiesB.Modern societies have fewer rituals than traditional societiesC.Traditional societies have better rituals than modern societiesD.Modern rituals focus exclusively on sportsQuestion 4 (1 point) Rituals work on the community at large because:Question 4 options:A.They are based upon broader social knowledge and cultural cuesB.The community can and does recognize the cues that distinguish the ritual actions from other, everyday actionsC.Both D.NeitherQuestion 5 (1 point) Who said, “ritualization is a way of acting that specifically establishes a privileged contrast” between some — more important, ritual — actions from other actions. Question 5 options:A.Catherine BellB.J.Z. SmithC.Adam SeligmanD.Tomoko MasuzawaQuestion 6 (1 point) The difference between an action and a ritual action is: Question 6 options:A.You do ritual actions more frequently that other actionsB.You do ritual actions only one a yearC.A ritual action employs culturally specific cues to create difference between ritual acts and other actsD.All of the aboveQuestion 7 (1 point) How to get at the best understanding of ritual? Question 7 options:A.Focus on a few key components of all ritualsB.Focus exclusively on its key component partsC.Don’t focus on its key components, but rather on what its purpose is in any particular circumstance. D.All of the aboveQuestion 8 (1 point) Which scholar of religion in the video “swoops in to to save the day?”Question 8 options:A.ThorB.The PopeC.J.Z. SmithD.The Dalai LamaQuestion 9 (1 point) For what reason do modern societies take a stripped-down approach to rituals (minimizing their frequency and importance)?Question 9 options:A.Because they are focused on money, and rituals take time and attention away from making moneyB.Social media distracts everyoneC.Keeping up with the best shows streaming on Netflix takes too much timeD.All of the aboveQuestion 10 (1 point) According to the video, scholar Catherine Bell argues that ritualA..establishes a privileged contrast between some actions and other the production of the difference between some actions and other actionsC.NeitherD.BothQuestion 11 (1 point) Which is NOT one of the rituals mentioned in the video?Question 11 options:A..RamadanB .SaturnaliaC. Yom KippurD .ChristmasE.AwumbukQuestion 12 (1 point) During which period of modern history did ritual decline?Question 12 options:A. The Romantic periodB. The Industrial RevolutionC. The Modern AgeD. All of the aboveHistoryWorld HistoryCULTURE 504,503Share Question