Project 1: Firm and Stock Report In this project you will analyze the company of the stock  (DIS Disney). I would like you to write a two-page report on the company. Describe the business, provide a short history of the company, list the top three competitors, the important drivers of the company (most important factors that affect the performance), and some information about the sector and the industry that the company belongs to.In addition to these two pages, include a third page, which provides key data about the company and its stock. This third page is uploaded next to this assignment in BlackBoard (project1keydata.doc). Download it and simply modify it to include the necessary information about the stock that you are responsible from. The sources you can/should use for this project are:1. FactSet Database which is available at the FMC2. Yahoo webpage3. ValueLine database available from Bryant Library4. website5. Bloomberg6. Wall Street Journal7. Other reliable web or print sources