Paper 1 In his important work, The Death of Expertise, author Tom Nichols expresses multiple concerns about people’s ability to both process and discuss information.  What is confirmation bias and how does it influence everything from the individual conversations that we have to the broader public discourse?  Make sure that you address some of his examples and how scientists attempt to control it.  Also, why are conspiracy theories so dangerous?  What are the implications of these challenges (e.g. confirmation bias, conspiracy theories) when it comes to politics?  Lastly, how did this excerpt affect the way you view the acquisition of knowledge?  Explain.+0-5 points for examining confirmation bias  +0-4 points for exploring the issues surrounding conspiracy theories  +0-3 points for discussing the consequences for our political system  +0-3 points for how this piece influenced your perspective  +0-5 points for organization, clarity, and grammar