Need the assignment in 3 hours  Write a C++ program that will create a class named personalPassword. This class will have two data members: password of character type character type pointer passptrThe personalPassword class will have the following member functions:1.  The default constructor2.  setter and getter functions for the password3.  passEncrpyt() which convert the user entered password into encrypted form4.  passDcrpyt() which convert back the encrypted password into the original passwordØ Default constructor will initialize all data members with default values. The message “Default constructor called… and the default value of each data member should be displayed whenever an object will be created using default constructor.(See the sample output) Ø In main() function, create an object of  class personalPassword by using the default constructor.  Ø With the help of setter function, first you will set value of password and then with the help of getter function, you will display the actual password.Ø Then call the passEncrpyt and passDcrpyt function in order to display the password in encrypted and decrypted form respectively.