Just like weeks 1 and 2, choose between a movie, a show, a video, the radio, an interview, a podcast, a short article, a short story, some quotes from authors that you like, or any other cultural product in Spanish that is interesting for you. You need to keep it class appropriate. You’ll tell me the name of it and, depending on what you choose, share with me the link, and talk about why you chose it and what you liked about it. The purpose of that is that you approach the language through things that are interesting and enjoyable to you personally. Feel free to click on your classmates’ links and comment if you like. Last week some of you chose things that were not really in Spanish, it’s not enough if it talks about Hispanic things or has Hispanic people in it, the primary language of it needs to be Spanish. For example, The Shape of Water is directed by Guillermo del Toro, a Mexican man, but it’s not in Spanish, so it doesn’t count.