Instruction: For each question, please type out your answers in a Word file. You must use 11 fonts and Times New Roman. The document must be double spaced. Your typed document must a full three pages long for all questions answered. Your submitted work cannot be less than or greater than three pages.  Chapter 6. Page 166 Question 2. Why is it important to assess the relationship between culture and health in specific societies by the extent to which cultural practices promote or discourage good physical and mental health? 2) Chapter 8. Page 225 Questions 3 & 5. What are some of the direct and indirect causes of undernutrition? What are the links between nutrition and health? 3) Chapter 9. Page 251 Questions 1 & 2 Why can it be said that “being born female is dangerous to your health”? Why should we pay particular attention to the health of females? 4) Chapter 10 Page 287 Question 1 What are the most important causes of child death globally?