In this paper, consider the question of how Adam Smith (Philosopher) and the three Declarations and their authors differ or are similar. Which best describes the world as you know it? Why? Reflect on what Smith had to say as described in The Worldly Philosophers. Consider the question of what Smith was proposing. Does Smith’s view contradict or confirm what the thinkers have to say about the rights of man/woman? (The Declaration of the Rights of Man. Retrieved February 24, 2010, from Yale Law School, LillianGoldman Law Library Web site: order to consider the questions posed above, you need to review the three declarations Declaration of Independence, Declaration of the Rights of Man and Declaration of the Rights of Woman). Please note that papers are to be no fewer than two but no more than four single spaced pages. Your font size should be no greater than 12 points. Remember, one course objective is to make all students enrolled in this class more effective communicators. Style – the correct use of basic English grammar rules – and spelling accounts for 20% of the paper grade.