In approximately 300-400 words, please: (12 points): Define emotional intelligence—offer a comprehensive definition that addresses the set of abilities associated with emotional intelligence. (12 points): Is emotional intelligence a true form of intelligence? What makes something an intellectual ability? Does emotional intelligence qualify? (12 points): Identify personal experiences with emotional intelligence: (a) Identify an experience in which you utilized emotion to inform your decision making process (b) Identify an experience in which it was necessary for you to regulate the emotions of others in order create a favorable situation (c) Identify an experience in which you utilized empathy (feeling with another) in order to effectively respond to another person. (12 points): Identify three ways you could use emotional intelligence in your chosen career path. (12 points): Quality and professionalism of written product. The professionalism of the product includes proper grammar & syntax, appropriate word count, and accuracy of spelling. Additionally, please number/letter each response so that it is clear which instructional prompt you are addressing in each section of your document.