If companies took a very simplistic approach to sales compensation, it resulted in the following situations–Lack of pay for performance and too much pay for the wrong performance. Also top performers enjoy the fruits of the labor of plum territories as a result of past performance or inherited performance. So what can be said or kept in mind when it comes to designing a sales compensation plan? Recall the Week 6 Lecture on SERPs. According to Voya Financial, how are SERPs designed?   List and explain five NACD Best Practices for director compensation programs and how they can they applied to an organization or company of your choice. Provide the link to the organization’s website.   There have been some dramatic changes in the role of the compensation committee. List and explain 5 of the 7 of influencers.   Buckingham (2015) shared four ways to build productive and engaging teams for the upcoming years for HRM. What are they and how can you apply them to your current or future organization of your choice?