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Following features of the rental system are to be incorporated in the design and implementation.1.     Build a repository of cars using a file or any other data structure to store the details of the cars that can be rented/ hired along with the price of hiring. SUV, sports and Hatchback could be some of the categories of cars that are available for rent. Can add more details according to one’s passion. 2.     Prompt the customer who wish to hire a car from the rental system: a.     The type of car and the number of days he would like to borrow the car forb.     Provide the fare details/output to the customer.c.      Identity details of the customer d.     Deposit amount  3.     Prompt the customer who wish to rent their cars to the rental system:a.     To provide customer identity detailsb.     To provide specifications of the car that would be rented.c.      Availability for number of daysd.     Fare for the car to be rentede.     Bank details to credit the rental amountIn summary:The program must perform the following:       Creation of a repository of cars along with its specifications (brand, specific features etc.)Prompt the customer details based on what service they require (to rent or hire a car) The assignment report has to include the following sections:·    User Requirements:o Include all the software user (assignment) requirements here.·    AnalysisAnalysis often requires the programmer to learn some things about the problem domain and that information the user will have to provide. Also, it should specify what the program is going to do. In this case the problem domain would be the logic used to manage the rental system.  The possible inputs and outputs.·    Design:The design phase has to describe how the program is going to do the desired task. This usually involves writing a class diagram using UML notation.·    Implementation Phase:In this phase the complete code in python without any syntax and semantic errors must be completed. The complete code with proper indentation has to be pasted here along with sample inputs and outputs.·    Testing: Only thorough testing can build confidence that a program is working correctly. Testing is a deliberate process that requires some planning and discipline on the programmer’s part. Once all the errors are debugged, set of all possible inputs are to be provided. Even though the range of the input numbers on a computer is finite, testing all of the possible combinations of inputs would be impractical. So, the challenge is to find a smaller set of inputs, called a test suite, from which we can conclude that the program will likely be correct for all inputs. The number and type of input samples have to cover all possible cases of validity checks of the rental system. Computer Science Engineering & Technology Python Programming BN 108