Evaluating ArgumentsBelow is a series of five fallacious arguments. In one paragraph each, explain why each argument is fallacious and identify the fallacy being committed. In identifying the relevant fallacy, be sure to give an explanation of what that fallacy is. Be comprehensive in your explanations, and cite at least one source to support each explanation (in APA format).Argument 11.  My algebra class is a nightmare.2.  Nightmares are bad dreams.3.  Therefore, my algebra class is a bad dream.Argument 2We can trust the Andrew’s testimony because Andrew himself said so, and Andrew is a trustworthy person.Argument 3If we loosen the office dress code, soon everyone will start showing up naked! Therefore, we shouldn’t loosen the office dress code.Argument 4Nobody has disproven that there exists alien life. So, until proven otherwise, it’s reasonable to conclude that alien life does exist.Argument 5You shouldn’t vote Republican because Republicans hate the poor, and you shouldn’t vote Democrat because Democrats hate business owners.View your assignment rubric.