During the semester, you will be scheduled as TEAM LEAD for your discussion group (four people) and you will have an opportunity to practice and assess your leadership skills in action. As the assigned TEAM LEAD, you will ensure that you have completed the readings for that week, and be prepared to lead a discussion or class activity assigned on the key topic (s) for those respective classes.  As TEAM LEAD, you will ‘check-in’ with each group member regarding the readings & demonstrate your leadership skills by ensuring that everyone is included and is actively participating in each discussion and activity.   If they are not participating, what skills can you use to influence them to gain their commitment  to participate?  What you do differently to engage all group members to discuss/work on each topic?You will submit a 2-3 page assessment (minimum 650 words in APA format), using critical analysis and applying leadership characteristics to discuss leadership skills demonstrated during your TEAM LEAD group work.