Country ResearchFor this assignment you will write a paper that examines lessons learned from globalization efforts and predicts the future of globalization. Select one country from each list, (for example, Japan from List 1 and South Africa from List 2).  Analyze the historical and current political, economic and legal factors for both countries selected and explain any factors that hindered foreign investment in these countries.   Analyze and forecast the impact of political, economic, and legal factors for future investments in both selected countries.  You may include a discussion on technological factors as part of your analysis. Be sure you address all the topics discussed in this module in your forecast.County List 1Country List 2JapanCubaMexicoRussiaSwedenSouth AfricaChinaTurkeyVenezuelaUse the following keywords in the SUO Library search tool to get started. Try to use the most current relevant articles.HISTORY OF GLOBALIZATIONFUTURE OF GLOBALIZATIONSubmission Details: Please provide your answers in a 4- to 5-page Microsoft Word document, using APA style. Support your responses with examples and research.