Choose any one chapter in the text [2 – 21, not Chapter 1] that interests you the most, read the entire chapter carefully and then submit a paper from 750 – 900 words including the following:1. Why you chose the chapter2. Definition for each of the major topics/headings covered 3. Summary of each subheading under each major heading4. How the 3 major sociological perspectives each view this/these topic/s5. How this chapter helps you to better understand society and yourself Paper 3Choose one of the 3 major perspectives in Sociology.-Submit an overall length between 750 – 900 words containing at least a full paragraph introduction/description of the theory and then 5 more full paragraph descriptions of how that theory views the following topics:1. Deviance2. Stratification3. Racial and Ethnic Inequality4. Stratification by Gender5. Health, Medicine and the EnvironmentTEXTBOOK