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CAN YOU HELP ME WITH THIS PLEASEHow did you feel when someone shared their perception about you?Do you agree about their perception about you? Are they consistent with your ideas about who you are?What concept mentioned in the module on sociological perspective do you think best fit your idea of your current self-concept? Here’s a cartoon to end the lesson: S s SIGH. THOSE GUYS ARE SOMUCH COOLER THAN ME . GoodDayGoldfish co The ice cream andthe popsicle are cool until they melt. REFERENCES: Book Here’s an article from Psychology Today to help us better understandSocial Comparison: TIfIE BENEFITS OF COMPARISON Whenindividuals compare themselves to others as a way of me If we are repeatedly labelled and evaluated by others, then self-labelingmay occur. Selt- Iabeling happens when we adopt what others’ labelsexplicitly into our self—concept. The effects of this self-la COOLEY’S LOOKING GLASS SELF The concept of looking—glass selfstates that part of how we see ourselves comes from our perception ofhow others see us (Cooley, 1902). Charles Horton Cooley The self is learned during childhood which comes in three stages ofdevelopment: IMITATION (also called PREPARATORY) Under the age of3, we can only mimic others. We do not yet have a sense o Fortunately, he was adopted by a medical student named Jean MarcGaspard Itard, who arranged for him to move into his own home.Itard was the one who gave him the name “Victor” “Feral child” is a term used to describe youngsters who grew upisolated from human communities and have never been accustomed tofundamental conventions such as language, education and Concealing the “ugly” does not refer to rewriting thenarrative (as that would be impossible) but rather redescribing one’sself by reinterpreting the past. For example, one might hav 3. Post-Modern View of the Self The self is a narrative, a text writtenand rewritten. The self is a story and therefore dynamic, bound tochange every now and then. Self in post modernity is com “These days, nothing strikes more fear in me than a doctor or. who nolonger looks at patients as total human beings, but from the narrowprism of specialization, sees only _ disembodied hearts, lu but also to the culture of others from societies. The stability of one’sself-identity is no longer anchored on pre-given tradition-bounddefinition of the self – it is now freely chosen (David, 2004) SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE OF THE SELF INTRODUCTION “Manis by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally andnot accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than Arts & Humanities Philosophy ACCOUNTING 1013