Cammile,   a fruit dealer, sells fruits to customers in Mani, Pampan, and Paciz. The   monthly demand is 4000 kilos in Mani, 2500 kilos in Pampan, and 1000 kilos in   Paciz.      The fruits are shipped from   three farms located in Laguna, Zamboa, and Caga. The monthly supply available   in Laguna is 5600 kilos; in Zamboa, 900 kilos; and in Caga, 3200 kilos.      The shipping cost per kilo is   shown in the table below:      From        To   Mani           To   Pampan       To Paciz      Laguna           $5                $11               $7   Zamboa          50                55              52   Caga            25                21              27      Help the dealer decide what   schedule of shipments will yield the lowest transportation cost.