Business Ethics – For discussion only! Pls only who can answer please!Our text chapters 7 and 8, and the many content articles elaborate on the multitude of issues of employee loyalty  and employer responsibilities.  All point to the challenges of the workplace environment.  The following article suggests what Employee Loyalty looks like today.  This second article highlights the top 15 “big” challenges businesses will face in their Human Resource Management this year. this week’s LA discussion please select three (3) contemporary concepts/issues from the above-mentioned articles and elaborate on their impact in the workplace today using concepts from the text Chapters 7 and 8 to support your point of view. The additional content articles may also be used to support your point of view.  Write about HOW the issue is related to our text concept, WHY it is particularly important or relevant today, and HOW employees and employers will treat the issue in today’s environment.