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BSBPMG516 MANAGE PROJECT INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION Questions1.      What are the sections you will need to identify, clarify and prepare for the project initiation documentation? 2.      How will you identify the relationship between the project and the broader organisational strategies and goals?3.      What information will you need to negotiation and document as you communicate with various project stakeholders? 4.      Who will you need to include when negotiating the project governance structure?5.      What information would you prepare in the project charter and submit to the relevant authorities for approval? 6.      What information would you reference and use to identify he stages and key responsibilities for the stage completion of the project? 7.      List the nine project management functions you would analyse to identify interdependencies and impacts of constraints8.      What will you need to include and integrate when you develop your project management plan?9.      Discuss two examples of designated mechanisms that can be established to monitor and control the planned activity10.  How will you obtain approval of the project plan with the relevant stakeholders and the project authority? 11.  What will you need to do to ensure that the work is conducted effectively throughout the project?12.  What is vital to conduct when maintaining established links to align project objectives with organisational objectives throughout the project?13.  What are the five options you might use, within your authority levels, to resolve conflicts which negatively affect the attainment of project objectives? 14.  What documentation would you use to update the project deliverables against the plans, at the required intervals? 15.  What is the information you would analyse include in the status reports to submitted to stakeholders and relevant authorities?16.  What concerns about the project can you analyse and address through an impact analysis? 17.  Why is it important that you accurately and regularly maintain the relevant project logs and registers throughout the project? 18.  How might you ensure that the associated plans are updated to reflect project progress against baselines and approved changes?19.  What are the steps you will need to consider when identifying and allocating project finalisation activities? 20.  What tool could you use to assist in ensuring that the project products and associated documentation are prepared for handover to client in a timely manner?21.  Briefly explain how to finalise the financial, legal and contractual obligations of a project22.  List the eight steps that you would follow to undertake a project review assessment23.  Summarise the common inclusions in project governance models24.  Describe at least three of the methodologies that are suitable to use to break project objectives into achievable project deliverables25.  Explain the role of project life cycle stages, phases and structures 26.  Identify and describe the main types of appropriate organisational documentation used for recording strategies and goals for integration processes Business Management Project Management