Assignment InstructionsThis assignment is a take-home essay assignment of four questions for which you are expected to develop a 2-3 page essay per question that fully responds to the question being posed. Essay 1: CO-1: Differentiate between civil rights and civil liberties.Essay 2: CO-2: Assess the challenges of balancing civil liberties and security. Essay 3: CO-4: Analyze safeguards in place to protect civil rights and civil liberties.Essay 4: CO-5: Critique the homeland security enterprise’s capability to meet emergent future challenges while balancing civil liberties. Scoring Rubric: A copy of the complete scoring rubric for this assignment is provided in the Writing Resources module within the course lessons. The following is a synopsis of that rubric. Area of EvaluationMaximum PointsFocus/Thesis20Content/Subject Knowledge20Critical Thinking Skills20Organization of Ideas/Format20Writing Conventions20Technical Requirements:Length: 2-3 pages each question, double spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pitch type in Times New Roman font left justified format.Sources: All sources for this assignment must come the assigned reading within the course. You are not limited to the pages assigned from each document, but are limited to those documents to defend and support your arguments/claims.Citations/References:  You must use APA style for this assignment.