ASSIGNMENT 1: DEALING WITH DIVERSITY IN AMERICA FROM RECONSTRUCTION THROUGH THE 1920s  Click on the link above to submit Assignment 1: Dealing with  Diversity in America from Reconstruction through the 1920s (120  points)  BUT FIRST–This assignment uses the ecree platform for doing and submitting the paper—-  BEFORE SUBMISSION—AND BEFORE REALLY STARTING ON THE DOING OF THIS PAPER, please make use of the following links (if  needed, right click the link and Open in new window.  Sometimes a  document will flash to the top or bottom of your screen to a downloads  folder):           ———————–  1.  INSTRUCTION SHEET for Assignment 1—topic, outline, sources, instructions with key details:Assignment 1_HIS105_Stansbury_Instructions.docx2.   FORMAT SAMPLE for Assignment 1—This shows the parts of  the paper and what to do in each; it shows what the in-text citations  and the sources list at the end look like; it shows the special  ecree-type draft that is single spaced:   Format_Sample_ Assignment 1_Stansbury_HIS105_ecree_version.docx3.    Help Sheet for Using eCree:   Ecree_Help_Doing and Practicing_HIS105.docx4.     VIDEO HELP on doing and submitting Assignment 1 on our new ecree platform:      VIDEO HELP—ecree walk-through for Assignment 1:            ——————————