After reviewing all of the readings, PowerPoint presentations, notes of in-class meetings, and supplemental materials provided by instructor, write a minimum of two (2) pages articulating specifically what you learned, how you will be able to use this knowledge in your professional and academic life.   The 2 page should include fallowing:  STATEMENT OF LEARNING   what are the unique elements for Human Resources value? There is simple answer; talent, leadership, and culture. These models include four functions: Business context (set the goals), out comes (achieve goals to get benefits), redesign (communication system, and hiring people),  Human Resources accountability (the organization’s responsibility is to choose employees with skills and high quality performance to make the organization able to compete with others). Furthermore,  Human Resources accountability includes line managers, employees, and HR professionals. All these provide the best system for HR transformation to be successful. In addition    HR strategic planning. Also related  our presentation  ‘Stress Free in the work place. ‘ which I attached the presentation for you.