A large supermarket chain has two plants which supply 5   warehouses with food and other grocery items. The table below summarizes the weekly plant capacities and the weekly   warehouse needs (both stated in truckloads). Also shown are the shipping costs per truckload between each plant and   each warehouse. Each plant can supply   goods to each of the warehouses. Management wants to determine the number of truckloads that should be   shipped from each plant to each warehouse in such a way as to minimize total   shipping expenses. The weekly   warehouse needs must be satisfied and the plant capacities cannot be   exceeded. Let xij equal the number of truckloads shipped from plant i to   warehouse j.                 Warehouse Weekly Capacity (Truckloads)     1 2 3 4 5      Plant 1 $300  $275  $200  $175  $325  600     Plant 2 $250  $300  $225  $225  $350  525     Weekly Demand (truckloads) 250 190 175 200 125                 How   much should be shipped from each plant to each warehouse to minimize the   shippeing cost? What is the minimum cost?