A fast   food company uses two management-training methods. Method 1 is a traditional   method of training and Method 2 is a new and innovative method. The company   has just hired 36 new management trainees. 15 of the trainees are randomly   selected and assigned to the first method and the remaining 16 trainees are   assigned to the second training method. After three months of training, the   management trainees took a standardized test. The test was designed to   evaluate their performance and learning from training. The sample mean score   and sample standard deviation of the two methods are given below. The   management wants to determine if the company should implement the new   training method. Mean Standard Deviation Method 1 69 3.4 Method 2 72 3.8 Is   there sufficient evidence to conclude that the new training method is more   effective than the traditional training method? What is the decision at a=   0.05 and a=0.01?