A chef wants to add 3 new ingredients (X, Y, & Z) to his soup at the lowest possible cost. The total amount of all 3 ingredients added per can must be between 8 and 20 mg. At least 1 mg of X must be added for every mg of Y. The amount of ingredient Z must be at least one-quarter the amount of ingredient Y. The cost per mg of X is $0.0125, Y is $0.025 and Z is $0.05. a. Formulate the linear programming model. b. Given the partial Answer Report below for the problem, calculate the minimum cost per can. Name Original Value Final Value X 0 3.55555556 Y 0 3.55555556 Z 0 0.88888889 2. The least squares equation for sales is y = 10 + 1.3t, with t=0 in 1982 what is the value of t and the forecast for 1989.