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a campus survey is conducted at a large size university. The purposeof the survey is to collect background information of students and to understand what factors may explain university student’s grade point average (GPA). a sample of 141 undergraduate students is randomly selected. These selected students answer questions on their personal backgrounds and agree to authorize the survey conductor to retrieve their GPAs at the university and high school/college and achievement test scores (Ascore). The relevant information is entered into a spreadsheet CampusSurvey.xlsx, where each column represents a variable. These variables include: 1. Obs No: A number functioning as an ID for each randomly selected student in the sample. 2. year: The year of university undergraduate program which each student is at: 1st year, 2nd year, third year, or the Honours year. 3. age: age in years of each student 4. gender: female or male 5. campus: = Yes if living on campus = No if not living on campus 6. major: The major of each student 7. uniGPA: University grade point average (For example, GPA 3.5- 4.0. refers to 90-100%) 8. hsGPA: high school/college grade point average 9. Ascore: achievement test score. An achievement test is a test taken to improve a student’s credentials for admission to universities.) 10. computer: = Yes if a student owns a laptop or a desktop = No if a student does not own a laptop nor a desktop 11. bgfriend: = Yes if a student has a girl/boy friend = No otherwise 12. skipped: average number of lectures missed per week 13. alcohol: average number of days per week the student drinks alcohol 14. job20: = Yes if a student works no less than 20 hours per week = No otherwise 15. volunteer: = Yes if a student does volunteer work = No otherwiseQuestion:Task 1 Describing univariate data Pick up three numerical variables and three categorical variables that you think are important information of students. Write a report to describe them one by one. To describe univariate categorical variables, you need to use appropriate univariate tables or/and charts. To describe univariate numerical variables, you need to use appropriate univariate tables or/and charts as well as appropriate numerical measures to detail distribution of the numerical variables. Task 2 Describing bi-variate numerical data Use an appropriate graphical technique and an appropriate numerical measure to discuss the relationship (if there is any) between the university GPA and each of the numerical variables provided in the dataset. Based on your analysis, which numerical variable is most related to university GPA?  The link of Excel file: Math Statistics and Probability BEA 674