A bank conducts a survey in which it randomly samples 400 of its customers.  The survey asks the customers which way they use the bank the most (1) interacting with a teller at the bank, (2) using ATM’s, or (3) using the bank’s Internet banking service.  It also asks their level of satisfaction with the service they most often use (on a scale of 0 to 10 with 0=very poor and 10=excellent).  Does mean satisfaction differ according to how they most use the bank?  a) Identifying notation, state the null and alternative hypotheses for conducting an ANOVA with data from the survey. b) Report the df values, for this ANOVA.  About what range of F test statistic values give a P-value below 0.05? c) For the data F=0.46 and the P-value equals 0.63.  What can you conclude. d) What were the assumptions on which the ANOVA was based?  Which assumption is the most important?