27. Politics A political candidate wishes to use a combination of x radio and y television advertisements in his campaign. Each 1-minute ad on television reaches 0.12 million eligible voters, and each 1-minute ad on radio reaches 0.009 million legible voters. The candidate feels that he must reach at least 7.56 million eligible voters and that he must buy at least 100 minutes of investments.a. Write the inequalities that describes these advertising requirements.b. Graph the region determined by these inequalities in the context of the application.31. Production A firm produces three different-size television sets on two assembly lines. The following table summarizes the production capacity of each assembly line and the minimum number of each size TV needed to fill orders.a. Write the inequalities that are the constraints.b. Graph the region that satisfies the inequalities and identify the corners.  Assembly   Line 1Assembly   Line 2Number   Ordered 19-in.TV80   per day40   per day3200 25-in.TV20   per day20   per day1000 35-in.TV100   per day40   per day3400