1- Contrast the defining characteristics of democracy with those of dictatorships, giving examples. In addition, discuss whether “dictatorship” is synonymous with “nondemocracy”.2- Analyze the conditions that might be most important for the effective functioning of each of the major types of political party systems. In particular, specify what characteristics (e.g., geographic, social, economic, ideological, and so on) of a country and its political system might be associated most positively with each form of party system, and why?3- Give two significant examples which illustrate each of the following ways in which the state affects the political economy of the United States (or another actual/hypothetical country) and explain why such intervention is attempted:a. asserting direct control over factors of productionb. regulating the behavior of economic actorsc. extracting resources from economic actors4-  Compare the two ideal-type political economies in terms of control of factors of production, production decisions, determination of value, distribution decisions, and the role of the state.