1.  Chose one of the five mission areas (prevention, protection, mitigation, response, or recovery) discussed in this unit, and briefly explain how it relates to your own public safety, your security mission, or your desired position within the homeland security field. Which of the five mission areas do you feel is more vital to security, and why? 2.  What is your opinion of the National Response Framework (NRF)? Do you feel that its recommendations on how to respond to disasters and acts of terrorism are sufficient? Why, or why not? What are some ways that you think it could be improved? 3.  Provide an example of an incident or a planned event that you feel would benefit from having an incident action plan (IAP), and explain why you believe it is necessary. These are just Discussion Board question.200 words Please.  This class Homeland Security.  Please own words, do not copy from the internet.  I will know.